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“This Week in Law” Talks About Crowdfunding

A legal webcasting site, This Week in Law, recently posted a great webcast on legal and other aspects of Crowdfunding with guest panelists Chris Sloan and Will Norton from the Nashville office of Baker Donelson. The Crowdfunding segment begins around the 31-minute mark, and if you stick around until the 52-minute mark, you just may catch a mention of one of my mentors, Dr. Jeff Cornwall, as well as InCrowd Capital and yours truly.

If you have some time, I definitely recommend checking out the video.  The hosts, Denise Howell and Evan Brown, lead a great discussion on Crowdfunding, and Chris and Will do a great job of explaining how Crowdfunding will change the way people will invest and how it will not only help entrepreneurs, but spur growth in our economy  – definitely worth your time.


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